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For the first time in Pakistan, Trakker NAV maps are also available on Portable Navigation Device (PND). Now you can find your way around the city not only while driving but while walking or cycling too. PND comes with a stand and glass mounting, to be placed inside any vehicle or to be carried around in your pocket for easy navigation and better route planning. These PNDs have the latest hardware configuration to ensure a smooth navigation experience and a powerful GPS module to locate your position even in the most crowded places.

Trakker NAV 3D and 2D maps are available with the following PND models:
  • Powered by Trakker NAV 3D maps

  • Software Features:

    All Trakker NAV PNDs possess the following cutting edge software features:
    • Trakker Nav Free Map Update.

      Updated Maps

      with latest road coverage, updated house numbers and POIs.

    • 3D Hardware Acceleration Through Trakker Nav's Software.

      3D Hardware Acceleration

      guarantees smooth map movement in challenging 3D environment.

    • Save Maps on Micro SD Cards through Trakker Nav Software.

      Maps Stored on the Internal Memory

      for leaving the memory card option for user.

    • Local Google Search through Trakker Nav Software.

      Direct Street Search

      means no need to remember names of cities or suburbs to find a destination.

    • Trakker Nav Navigation Instructions.

      Navigation Instructions

      also when app is in the background.

    • Trakker Nav Multi-stop route Planning

      Multi-Stop Route Planning

      with ETA (estimated time of arrival) for each stop.

    • Trakker Nav GPS Coordinates.

      GPS Coordinates Address Entry

      to navigate you even where the streets have no names.

    • Trakker Nav Compass Assistance.

      Compass Assisted Direction Detection

      helps you get your bearing whether in town or countryside.

    • Quick Search through Trakker Nav Software

      Quick Search™

      accessible from the map.

    • Multi Touch Display Support - Trakker NAV

      Multi-touch Display Support

      for comfortable and intuitive use.

    • SOS help through Trakker Nav.

      SOS / Help

      for quick assistance anywhere you go.

    • City Guides Trakker NAV

      City Guides

      from premium providers and from Wikipedia for tourists and business travelers alike. (Available as In-App purchase)

    •  Points of Interest - Trakker NAV

      Points of Interest

      in comprehensive categories for easier search.

    • TravelBook - Trakker NAV


      with statistics and altitude profiles keeps track of your trips.

    • Stop Watch - Trakker NAV


      for your outdoor activities.

    • Point of Interest Calling through Trakker Nav

      Call a Point of interest

      like hotel or restaurant ahead to make your reservation.

    • Color Schemes Options - Trakker NAV

      Color Schemes

      adjustable automatically or manually for day and night use.