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Trakker NAV offers its cutting edge and state of the art, 3D enabled, voice guided navigation, preinstalled in all Toyota Corolla Altis cars. Trakker NAV 3D is also available exclusively at all Toyota 3S dealerships throughout Pakistan for all Toyota customers, who would like to upgrade to in-car infotainment system, featuring the premium voice guided navigation solution for Pakistan, Trakker NAV.

Trakker NAV 3d


Trakker NAV 3D offer all the following functionality and advance feature set to make sure, it is the journey you cherish more than the destination.

  • Save Maps on Micro SD Cards through Trakker Nav.

    Maps Stored on micro
    sd card

    for easy installation and map updating.

  • Trakker Nav Direct Street Search

    Direct Street Search

    no need to remember names of cities or area to find a destination.

  • Trakker Nav Navigation Instructions.

    Navigation Instructions

    even when application is in the background.

  • Trakker Nav Multi-stop route Planning

    Multi-Stop Route Planning

    with ETA (estimated time of arrival) for each stop.

  • GPS Coordinates, address entry

    GPS Coordinates Address Entry

    to navigate you even where the streets have no names.

  • Compass Assistance & Direction Detection - Trakker NAV

    Compass Assisted Direction Detection

    helps you get your bearing whether in town or countryside.

  • Multi Touch Display Support - Trakker NAV

    Multi-touch Display Support

    for comfortable and intuitive use.

  • Car Audio Integration - Trakker NAV

    Car Audio Integration

    listen to your favorite CD or MP3 while you use Trakker NAV.

  • Music Fading during Navigation

    Music Fading

    during navigation so you won't miss a turn.

  • Points of Interest - Trakker NAV

    Points of Interest

    in comprehensive categories for easier search.

  • Trakker Nav Travel Book


    with statistics and altitude profiles keeps track of your trips.

  • Trakker Nav Stop Watch.


    for your outdoor activities.

  • Point of Interest Calling through Trakker Nav

    Call a Point of interest

    like hotel or restaurant ahead to make your reservation.

  • Color Schemes Trakker Nav

    Color Schemes

    adjustable automatically or manually for day and night use.

  • 3D Hardware Acceleration Through Trakker Nav's Software.

    3D Hardware Acceleration

    guarantees smooth map movement in challenging 3D environment.

  • Quick Search through Trakker Nav Software

    Quick Search™

    accessible from the map.

  • SOS help through Trakker Nav.

    SOS / Help

    for quick assistance anywhere you go.